General Information

A Level is a two-year course, which begins in the second week of June. Classes begin at 6:45 a.m. and ends by 1:40 p.m. Students must arrive in the college at least ten minutes before the class starts. Students, who arrive late by more than ten minutes, will have to report to the Coordinator before being permitted to enter the class. Disciplinary action will be taken as per the college rules against students who repeatedly come late.

Classes are generally held Monday through Friday. Extra-curricular activities as well as practical work of science are conducted on Sundays or as required depending upon the need.

Attendance is taken every day in every period to ensure the students’ presence and participation in the class. Absenteeism in the class is discouraged. Coordinators or administrators should be informed in writing in case a student cannot attend classes due to unavoidable circumstances. In addition to maintaining academic requirements, a minimum of 90 percent attendance is necessary for students to be promoted to A-2, the second year of A- Level.

Mid-session withdrawal is discouraged. However, if a student has to withdraw his/her name from the college due to some unavoidable circumstances, a written application must be submitted to the office at least two months in advance or else extra two months’ tuition fee will be realized from the student before issuing a Transfer Certificate (TC) or any other document(s).

Following the proper dress code is compulsory for all the students. They must wear the prescribed college uniform which consists of a white shirt, tie and blue pants during summer, plus a gray coat and the prescribed black sweater bearing the GIHE logo during winter. Black gloves and Black mufflers are also permitted.

Students who come in improper uniform or casuals will not be allowed to attend classes. Students are expected to be attired properly for ECA activities as well.

The Code of Conduct outlines the expectations of the institution on the way the students need to conduct themselves. The acceptance of admission to GIHE implies the acceptance of its rules and regulations and any deviation or violation of the same will lead to disciplinary action which also entails fines. Parents and students are required to go through the Code of Conduct as well as the Student handbook and comply.

  1. Bus facility is available for students who require the same. Students requiring transportation have to indicate their need, and mention the bus stop in the application form.
  2. Students are not permitted to bring any sort of conveyance to the college especially two wheelers. This rule is strictly enforced for the safety of the students themselves.
  3. Students availing of the bus service will be issued a bus pass cum ID tag, which they must display while boarding the bus and should be kept with themselves at all times.
  4. If a student has to change the bus stop temporarily or does not require the bus service for any reason, then a written application written/ signed by the parents, addressed to the Transportation In-charge must be submitted and permission obtained in advance.
  5. Misuse of bus facility in any way will lead to the suspension/cancellation of the same.

Verbal complaints are not entertained. Parents/ students are requested not to get into discussions with any member of staff but to put down their complaints or suggestions in writing with their name and contact number and drop the same in a sealed envelope at the concerned authorities’ office. The management will look into the parents'/ students’ grievances and concerns at the earliest possible, and take immediate steps to address them. Anonymous suggestions or complaints will not be entertained.

Office working hours are from Sunday through Friday between 6:45 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. However, parents are requested to make a prior appointment with the concerned officials before they come to meet them in order to avoid a long wait.