Why Cambridge International A Level

  • Cambridge International A-Level qualification is internationally recognized and valued for being an excellent preparation for university, employment and life. It also opens doors for the students for entry into leading universities worldwide including the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
  • Many universities across the world offer advanced credit (up to one year) to students who hold Cambridge International A-Level qualification, which means that students taking Cambridge A-levels are already ahead in their undergraduate programme by a year before they even begin their college enrollment.
  • More than 450 US universities including Harvard, Yale, MIT and Stanford accept the A-Level qualification.
  • A-Level is a rigorous programme that encourages high academic standards. It helps students gain in-depth subject knowledge with a deeper understanding, and it also helps them develop independent learning and constructive thinking skills.
  • A-Level qualification prepares students not only for university but also equips them with the necessary life skills.
  • A-Level is very flexible because of the wide choice of subjects. Students either select a broad range of subjects or specialize in the particular area of their interest.
  • A-Level syllabuses are international in outlook, as they have been carefully designed for students around the world. Thus, it helps students to become global citizens and enable them to overcome challenges they face in the world.