Maharshi Rajbhandari

GIHE Student Council, Batch of 2017

The past two years at GIHE have given me boundless opportunities to excel and develop under supervision as well as independently. The friendly and understanding faculty alongside the experienced administration team has made my two years an epitome of development as well as a boost to further enhance my self-confidence.

Nishan Thapa Magar

A2, Non-Science

Ever since my early days at GEMS, I have had a strong passion for football and as the captain of GEMS football team, I have not only learned the importance of teamwork, but have also developed a feeling of trust and companionship with my team-mates. I am forever thankful to GEMS school and GIHE for providing me the platform where I have been able to polish and enhance these abilities.

Shreemad Pradhan

AS, Science

I’ve met all kinds of people at GIHE, friends who do not know how to answer any question non-sarcastically; and teachers so down to Earth that they’ll motivate you and help you with every question you can ask and every problem you face. It’s fun. And, the fact that you’re preparing for your colleges and your life ahead whilst simultaneously enjoying every moment of it is a very warm reassurance that you only get at GIHE.

Swekchhya Bajracharya

XII, Science

I have always felt that I am so lucky to be a student at GEMS Institute of Higher Education, and not in any other institution. The thing that I admire the most about GIHE is the support I receive from every staff at the college. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have achieved today without such a caring and conducive environment.

Shraddha Kandel

XI, Science

GEMS has always been like a home, providing me with all the necessities that I need to take a step forward in life. It has not only taught me how to get along with my bulky books, but also how to cope up with different circumstances and challenges in life. GEMS has helped me to develop my courage, confidence and determination. Having spent ten years at GEMS and one year at GIHE, I have felt no other than the pride every time I regard myself as a student of GEMS.