Corporate Social Responsibility

We have always been socially responsible ever since the beginning of the establishment not only complying with the rules of law, norms and expectations of society but we are also very concerned about issues of stakeholders’ and environmental impacts. Parents, employees, the local community, vendors and the government agencies are our key stakeholders. We are aware that we cannot grow economically and physically unless their concerns are accommodated into the day-to-day operations of the institution. Parents and students' concerns towards quality in education are at the heart of our strategy. We are committed to meet the expectations of parents and students and respond to their concerns.

Employees are a key to the success of an institution. We understand that institutional growth is not possible without their economic and professional growth . Employees are paid a fair salary and facilities given based on their nature of work. We respect human rights in the workplace and employees’ freedom of affiliation with any associations, protect their privacy and support equal employment opportunity. We do not discriminate against any employees based on their gender, religion, caste, ethnicity or political affiliation. We have always been supportive to the development of local community and society at large.

In order to reduce the environmental impacts Rain-water-harvesting has been started, and solar panels installed to help conserve the environment. We have also banned the use of plastic bags and plastic/ polythene packaged items inside the campus and declared it as the POLY BAG FREE ZONE thereby reducing the level of pollution caused to our environment by plastic products and creating awareness.

GEMS CSR initiative

The director handed over 25 sets of classroom furniture for use at Shree Krishna Ma. Vi., Dhapakhel - 23. The local representatives of Lalitpur Metropolitian City, Ward - 23 were also present during the occasion

"Children for Children" Campaign

Students from GEMS Social Service Club of A LEVEL led by Ms. Srinkhala Maharjan supported by Ms. Simrika Manandhar (President: Student Council) donated stationery items like pencils, sharpeners, erasers and notebooks to the needy students of a School in Upper Dolpa. This act was carried out in association with Snow Yak Foundation in the "Children for Children" campaign.

International Women's Day

On the occasion of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY (8th March 2019), students from GEMS Social Service Club of GEMS visited SIDDHI SEWASHRAM (Old Age Home) and had interaction, performed music and served FOOD & LOGISTICS support to more than 8 OLD AND HELPLESS CITIZENS (Women). With the participation of more than 16 members of the club from Plus Two, the event was a huge success in spreading smiles among the abandoned elderly women.

Children's Day

On the occasion of CHILDRENS' DAY (Bhadra 29, 2075), students from GEMS Social Service Club of GEMS | GIHE visited Basantapur Area and had interaction with the STREET CHILDREN, played games and served FOOD PACKETS to more than 50 underprivileged children. With the participation of more than 30 members of the club both from Plus Two and A Levels, the event was a huge success in spreading smiles among children.

Cleaning Heritage Site

Students from GEMS Social Service Club of Plus Two led by Biraj Nakarmi visited Bangalamukhi Temple on 28 Bhadra, 2075 at 2:30 PM to clean the heritage site with the participation of more than 25 members of the club both from grade XI and XII.

Bal Sarathi Academy Visited

On March 16, 2018, GIHE Social Service Club went to a small School located near Pashupati, namely Bal Sarathi Academy. The members of the club taught the children, played games, danced, sung songs, cooked and served foods and so on. Our students also organized art competitions, dance competitions, singing competitions and the winners were given prizes as well.The club also donated note books, pencils and sharpeners to children who were excited to see senior students conducted various entertaining programmes only for them. The event was a huge success in spreading smiles among children. GIHE Administration.

Earthquake Victims Supported

GEMS Social Club in coordination of with the school management distributed relief materials to the earthquake victims of Ikudol VDC, the south east of Lalitpur district, where no relief materials of any sort had reached till then. The relief materials included 50 tents, 50 mats, 50 sacks of rice, mixed bhujia and packets containing noodles, biscuits, bitten rice, soap, sanitary napkins, medicines, glucose, etc. The school has also distributed 200 mosquito nets to the earthquake victims of local community i.e. Dhapakhel through a ward office. The nets were handed over to Mr. Niren Shrestha, the secretary of Ward No. 23, Lalitpur municipality.

Similarly, GEMS Student Council of higher wing made a separate collection, and donated to the victims through Nepal Army Wife's Association.