College Disciplinary Committee (CDC)

It is strictly enforced, as we believe that discipline is the key to success. Students are regularly counseled, monitored and individually cared for. To bring this about, a high standard of behavior and consideration towards classmates, teaching and non-teaching members of the college are expected in and out of the classroom. Students are expected to behave sensibly, courteously and with a sense of concern and respect for others. To oversee students’ activities and maintain conducive educational environment in the college, Disciplinary Committee (DC) has been set up. Any misconduct or offense by the students will be dealt with by the College Disciplinary Committee (CDC).

The DC may reprimand, suspend or expel the student depending on the severity of the offence even if it is the first instance. The CDC’s decision will be final. There will also be a levy of fines as per offence committed in case of non-compliance with the Code of conduct.