ECA and Staff

Nick Magar

Modern Dance

Nick has over four years of experience in teaching modern dance. A former alumnus of Xavier International College, he believes that his teaching career has been a blessing for him. He feels that sharing skills with students has actually allowed him to grow and learn every day. For him, learning and fun together makes school one of the best places for students to realize their true potential. He takes special interest in B-boying, Contemporary and Hip-hop. He has already worked with the Nepal Break Dance Foundation (NBF) and Lincoln's School.

Sanjay Byanjankar


For the last 5 years Sanjay has represented Nepal as a member of the national basketball team and has won numerous accolades for his role in the squad. He was part of the Nepali team which bagged the third prize at the 2nd SABA (South Asian Basketball Association) Championship in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013.

Sanjay is a former student of GEMS who played for his school from a very early age, and went on to win MVP titles at major club tournaments such as The Golfutar Cup, South Siders Cup and the JCI Cup. Apart from playing professional basketball, he also has two years experience working as a marketing officer with B&B Inc. At present, he plays for Pentagon International College. He likes travelling to new places, trekking, cycling and swaying to the tune of his favorite music artists.

Hari Maharjan

Photography and Multimedia

Since a tender age Hari Maharjan was always drawing sketches in his school books, captivated by the world of image making. But, that was until a friend introduced him to a man with a camera who mesmerized Hari by the ability to make real-life images.

Ten years later Hari is now published far and wide—show-casing his images of exploration—always done with an artist’s flair. His journeys have taken him literally from Far-west to Far-east Nepal and everything in between.

For the last eight years Hari has been the Principal Photographer for ECS MEDIA, the nation’s leading publication; whose aim is to explore, uncover and tell Nepal’s largest, and, smallest known secrets for those passionate to understand the Himalayan country better.

He is a self-taught master of photography, who has also led workshops for Nepalese people to understand the art and its skills better and his ability with flash photography is second to none in Nepal. Hari’s view of the world, its people and environments is born from his home ground of Patan—famous for its artisan culture. He is a self taught videographer as well, and has produced many episodes of Life Style Programs in Television. He also has ample experience in working with different reporters from abroad. His work has been showcased in different organizational booklets and magazines, both national and international.

Sanjeet Maharjan

Art and Design

Sanjeet Maharjan is a highly accomplished artist and designer with a Bachelor in Fine Art from Kathmandu University's Centre for Art and Design. In addition to being an artist and an art instructor, he is also an activist who's regularly involved in organizing workshops, exhibitions and art talks around the valley.

He already has a number of solo and group exhibitions to his credit and has coordinated as well as judged over half a dozen workshops and competitions. Besides working for 'KALANEST - hatching art ideas', an art NGO in Patan which he helped co-found, Sanjeet divides his time between Center for Art and Design, KU and GEMS Institute of Higher Education as an art lecturer.

Manjur Khan


Manjur Alam Khan has been working as a cricket coach for over 15 years now. As a national level coach he has helped several young Nepali teams lift a number of titles both at home and abroad. A seasoned player himself, this modest, shy gentleman brings a wealth of experience to bear on every single tip he offers to aspiring young cricketers.

He was part of the winning side during the Emerging Cup in 2003 and the ACC U-17 Tournament held in Nepal and the ACC Elite cup U-15 Tournament held in UAE in 2005. He also served as coach for the National Sports Council from 2052 to 2059 BS and is currently involved with Kathmandu Cricket Training Centre.

Champa Jyoti Bokhim Limbu

Group fitness

Jyoti is a FISAF certified aerobic and group fitness instructor who hails from Dharan. A fitness freak from her early years, she worked as an aerobics trainer at Mount Vernon Camp in Singapore before moving to Nepal. Apart from group fitness she is also keenly interested in badminton and air weapon shooting. She is a fun loving person who never fails to motivate people with her active lifestyle.

Samir Nemkul


Samir Nemkul is a former member of the Nepali national team and silver medalist at the 8th SAAF Games held in Kathmandu in 1998. He was also a member of the winning team at the Governor's Gold Cup in Sikkim, India in 1997 and the Coca Cola International Cup held in Kathmandu. Apart from these, he has over half a dozen international caps and tournament appearances in Thailand, Hongkong and Japan to name a few.

His coaching credentials include certified courses from AFC, DOSP/DFB/ANFA and FIFA and training players for Chyasal Youth Club (B Division), Pinnacle College and BBM Football Training Centre.