GIHE High Achievers

CIE A Level High Achievers

Joha Joshi

Class of 2012

Nepal Topper: AS Level Physics (2011), A Level Chemistry and Physics, 2012

Ms. Joha Joshi is one of the most prominent academic achievers from GIHE. During her A Level finals, she obtained 4 A* grades and was the Nepal topper in AS level physics, 2011; and A Level Chemistry and Physics, 2012. It was apparent from her diligence and perseverance that she would be destined for further outstanding achievements in the future. In alignment with the expectations of the School, she received a placement in New York University (NYU), USA, which is ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the world. Ms. Joshi is currently pursuing bachelor’s degree in physics as of 2016. She has helped many underprivileged communities in Africa as a community team member of the Engineers without Boarders, NYU Chapter. Apart from her studies, she also cares about arts, cultures, civil rights and social action, economic empowerment, and health issues of the global community.

Samip Baral

Class of 2012

World Topper: AS Level General Paper (2011)

Mr. Samip Baral is one of the greatest academic achievers from GIHE. He was awarded the Cambridge Learner’s Award for receiving highest marks in the world in AS General Paper in 2011. After graduating with CIE A Levels from this institution, he joined Howard University, USA (2014-2018), as a Capstone Scholar, which provides merit-based scholarship for outstanding students for four years of undergraduate study. He has a keen interest in astrophysics apart from being an Honors Student in the University. Mr. Baral served as a Research Intern at UNC Chapel Hill Department of Physics and Astronomy and also as a Research Assistant at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Howard University. He is concerned about education, science and technology, and the environment both at the nationals and global levels.

Prakat Karki

Class of 2012

Nepal Topper: AS Level Psychology (2011)

Mr. Prakat Karki is one of the pioneers in the field of clinical psychology from GIHE A Level programme. The fact that he was awarded the Cambridge Learners’ Award for securing the highest marks in AS Level psychology in Nepal in 2011 proves his passion in this field. After completion of his A Levels from GIHE, he completed his Bachelor’s studies in clinical psychology from Christ University, Bangalore. Mr. Karki has contributed articles in various university and online journals. He is currently (as of 2016) working as a Clinical Psychologist at Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital, Nepal.

Nissim Pradhan

Class of 2011

Nepal Topper: AS Level Mathematics (2010)

Mr. Nissim Pradhan is making strides in the field of computer programming encompassing skills in data analysis, developing, and data support and integration. He was awarded with the Cambridge Learner’s Award for receiving highest marks in Nepal in AS Mathematics in 2010. After graduating from GIHE, Mr. Pradhan pursued Bachelor in Computer Science in Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. He was awarded Fellowship from 2012 to 2015 for his academic performance in the University. He also attended Jönköping University, Sweden, as an exchange student from AIT. He graduated from AIT in 2015. During his undergraduate years, Mr. Pradhan was involved in various Computer Programming related initiatives including, game development, developing mobile application, and software development. He is currently working as a Java Developer at Digital Endpoint in Bangkok, Thailand, as of 2016.

Jerusha Rai

Class of 2010

Nepal Topper: AS Level General Paper and Sociology (2009)

Ms. Jerusha Rai is one of rare individuals, who has successfully integrated academics and her passion for music in a balanced manner. She received the Cambridge Learners’ Award after obtaining the highest marks in AS Level General Paper, and Sociology in 2009. After graduating from GIHE, Ms. Rai pursued BA in Sociology and Psychology at Middlesex University, UK, where she graduated with First Class Honours. She has also completed her Master’s degree from the same University in Media Management. She is also a musician and her achievements in the field of music have been featured in M&S Magazine and The Rising Nepal. She also writes for Dreams Magazine where she regularly contributes articles on contemporary Nepali art and music. At present, as of 2016, she is in the United States of America producing her debut album. She hopes to pursue a career in music in the USA and continue writing about Nepali music.

Anubhav Kafle

Class of 2011

Nepal Topper: AS Level Mathematics (2010)

Mr. Anubhav Kafle is a rising young talent in the field of biotechnology, with a special focus on genetics. Mr. Kafle was awarded the Cambridge Learners’ Award for securing the highest marks in AS Level mathematics in Nepal in 2010. After his graduation from GIHE, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in biotechnology from Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Karnataka, India. During his undergraduate and post graduate years, he was able to co-author various research-based articles and publish them in international peer reviewed journals such as European Chemical Bulletin, Advances in Virology, Biochimie, and Biochemical Genetics. He is currently a Research Intern at Institute of Bioinformatics in Bangalore, India.

Anugya Sharma

Class of 2011

High Achievement Award in CIE A Level (2011)

Ms. Anugya Sharma was awarded a full scholarship in IOE Pulchowk to pursue her bachelor degree in engineering. She is specializing in architecture.

Arjun Bhandari

Class of 2010

Nepal Topper : AS Level Physics, 2009

Arjun Bhandari was one of the high achievers from the pioneer A Level batch of GIHE. He secured the highest grades in physics during the June 2009 examination session. After his A Levels, he decided to pursue a career in accounting. He successfully completed his course in Chartered Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). As of 2017, he is working as an Assistant Manager at RPB and Associates, Chartered Accountants, Nepal.

Sharif Shrestha

Class of 2010

Sharif Shrestha has created an innovative approach in strategic problem solving modality to alleviate the economic condition of people in rural Nepal. His venture named “#HerbsForChange” has created collaboration between local villagers of Nepal and international firms leading to increased economic benefits for the villagers. In recognition of his contribution, he was awarded as one of the top five social entrepreneurs by President Bill Clinton in the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) Conference in 2016. As of 2017, he is studying Biochemistry and Economics in Hamilton College, USA.

Rishav Raj Sharma

Class of 2013

Nepal Topper: AS Level General Paper, 2012

Rishav Raj Sharma was well known at GIHE as a prolific writer while he was studying A Level here. His love for writing took him to a greater height that eventually paid off when he became Nepal topper in AS Level General Paper in November 2012 examinations. He decided to further pursue his academic career in liberal arts. He received a placement in prestigious Colgate University, USA to study Bachelor in Liberal Arts. As of 2017, he is studying in the same university.

Bibek Ramdan

Class of 2014

World Topper: AS Level Mathematics, 2013

Bibek Ramdan was one of the highest academic achievers from GIHE A Level program. During his AS level examination in 2013, he scored the highest marks in the world in mathematics. In his final examinations in June 2014, he obtained four A* grades in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computing. After completion of his CIE A Level studies at GIHE, he went to Howard University, USA to pursue his further studies. His key interest lies in mechanical engineering and he is currently a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineering, Engineers without Borders, Howard Society of Automotive Engineers, Howard Math Club, and Howard University Robotics Club. As of 2017, he is studying Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering there.

Roja Khadka

Class of 2015

Nepal Topper: AS Level Accounting, 2014

Roja Khadka joined GIHE in 2013 and consistently remained one of the most prominent students of her batch in academics. She was the Nepal Topper in AS Level Accounting during 2014 session. After her graduation from GIHE, she decided to pursue Bachelor of Commerce with Accounting and Economics Major in Australian Catholic University, Sydney, Australia. She received 50% merit based scholarship to study in that university. Apart from her excellent performances in academics, she is interested in volunteering for social causes, organizing events, and reading and writing.

Plus 2 High Achievers

Jyoti Dahal

Graduation - 2010 AD

Jyoti, a graduate of the year 2010, stood first from among the students of GIHE in grade XII HSEB exam. Her ambition to become a medical doctor materialized with her enrolment for the MBBS degree programme in Kathmandu Medical College. As a student with enormous potential, she is bound to make a substantial contribution in the field of medical science in the future.

Kevin Ratna Tuladhar

Graduation - 2012 AD

With an aggregate 85%, Kevin stood first in grade XII HSEB exam from among the students of GIHE in the year 2012. He was then selected to take up Bachelor in Civil Engineering in Kathmandu University having competed in a cut-throat entrance exam conducted by the university. Kevin was not only a highly academically accomplished student but he was also gifted in various sporting activities.

Ranish Shrestha

Graduation - 2013 AD

Ranish, a Plus Two graduate of GIHE in 2013, was among the high achieving students in the whole country. He proved himself as a meritorious student by obtaining 86.6 percentage in grade XI HSEB exam, and thereafter joined St. Xavier’s college to pursue his bachelor’s degree in bio-technology with a strong desire to invent new breeds of food and thus to eliminate hunger from the country. Ranish was an extremely dedicated student with a sense of maturity.

Bipashna Timla

Graduation - 2014 AD

Bipashna grabbed the first position from among the students of GIHE in her batch in grade XI HSEB exam 2013 by securing 83 percentage in aggregate. Her keen desire to pursue her further study in medical science and the serve the people of Nepal was materialized when she was selected to study MBBS in Kathmandu Medical College. Sincerity, hard work and honesty are some of the exemplary attributes Bipashna is endowed with.

Anish Raj Maskey

Graduation - 2011 AD

Anish graduated from GIHE in 2011 obtaining an aggregate percentage 80.2 in HSEB XI exam and was able to occupy the first position in his batch. He then pursued his bachelor’s degree in Medical Lab Technology at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Maharajgunj, and is currently in his final year. He was regarded as a highly conscientious and inquisitive student with high academic caliber.

Riyaz Pradhan

Graduation - 2012 AD

Riyaz stood first from among the students of GIHE in grade XI HSEB exam in 2011 with an aggregate 84.3 percentage, which is an outstanding achievement indeed. He was then selected to pursue his MBBS degree at Kathmandu University. He is most remembered due to his sincerity, humility and dedication to his study.

Subij Shakya

Graduation - 2015 AD

Subij made the entire GIHE family proud due to his outstanding achievement : 86.2 percentage in grade XI HSEB exam in the year 2014. He was evidently one of the high achieving plus two students in Science Stream. His enrolment in medical science in Kathmandu Medical College is the outcome his consistent devotion, sincerity and determination. He can be best described as a versatile student with multi-facet characteristics.

Rashmi Panthi

Graduation - 2011 AD

Rashmi’s aggregate percentage (86%) in grade XII HSEB exam in 2011 bears testimony to her outstanding academic caliber. Such a high academic achievement made it possible for her not only to stand first from among the students of her batch but proved her worth after having been selected to study Bachelor of Architecture in the Institute of Engineering (IOM) Pulchowk. She was regarded as a versatile student due to her involvement in a wide range of co-curricular activities.

Arya Chapagain

Graduation - 2013 AD

Arya’s high motivation and willpower enabled her to grab the first rank from among the students of GIHE in grade XII HSEB exam, 2013. She was then fortunate enough to carve her career in Computer Engineering with her enrolment in Malaviya National Institute of Technilogy (MNIT) Jaipur, India. Arya was a conscientious, motivated and industrious student with a positive attitude.

Subani Shrestha

Graduation - 2014 AD

There is no denying that Subani was a high achieving student with her aggregate 85% in grade XII HSEB exam, 2014. This high scholastic achievement placed her at the top rank in GIHE in her batch and also materialized her dream to become a well- established Chartered Account (CA). Subani was held in high esteem, and proved herself an excellent role model.

Ayush Kumar Shah

Graduation - 2015 AD

Ayush’s scholastic achievement was unmatched as he was one of the few high achieving students in grade XII HSEB exam in the whole country in the year 2015 with an aggregate 88%. The entire GIHE family feels proud of Ayush for his exceptional scholastic achievement in the board exam, and also congratulates him on becoming the “Topper” in the Engineering Entrance Exam conducted by Kathmandu University in the same year. The college wishes him all the best in his venture to become a renowned Computer Engineer in the future.

Sandeep Neupane

Graduation - 2013 AD

Born and brought up in a remote district of the mid-western region of Nepal, Sandeep joined GIHE Plus Two Science after his schooling and produced excellent results in both grade XI and XII HSEB exams with high distinction. He proved himself as a student with outstanding caliber by being the “Entrance Topper” for the MBBS exam conducted by BKIHS, Dharan in the year, 2015. It was a matter of pride that he was also selected to study MBBS at IOM, Maharajgunj on a full scholarship through a highly competitive entrance exam. The entire college family feels extremely proud of Sandeep for his exceptional achievement. His presentation on the career counseling delivered to the students of 2015 batch was immensely acclaimed by the students of GIHE

Kamala Sanjel

Graduation - 2011 AD

Having completed her Plus study from GIHE earning high distinction, Kamala was able to win a full scholarship under the Ministry of Education, Nepal to pursue her MBBS out of thousands of competitors. Her hard work and dedication has always been a source of inspiration to her predecessors over the years. The college family wishes her every success for her future career in the medical field.

Om Prakash Yadav

Graduation - 2012 AD

Om Prakash was one of the high achieving students of GIHE obtaining distinction in the HSEB examination. He was selected to study MBBS on a full scholarship under the Ministry of Education, Nepal through a cut-throat entrance examination conducted by the Ministry of Education. He was one of the humble and highly devoted students of his batch. As a student with high academic potentiality, he is bound to make a quantum leap in the field of science due to his innovation and caliber in the medical research.

Nitish Acharya

Graduation - 2012 AD

Nitesh was a highly influential and sincere student with versatile abilities and a positive attitude. Having completed his Plus Two education from GIHE with high distinction, he was selected to pursue his further study in Engineering winning a full scholarship at IOE Pulchowk. GIHE feels proud of him and extends its sincere appreciation for his outstanding achievement. His expertise in the field of Mechanical Engineering will undoubtedly bear fruit for the industrialization of future Nepal. The presentation he made to the students of grade XII was immensely commendable.

Sakar Bhattarai

Graduation - 2013 AD

Sakar was another GIHE Plus Two graduates with versatile abilities. He made the entire GIHE family proud by being the “Entrance Topper” for BE and the recipient of a Full Scholarship at Kathmandu Univerity, where he is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Sakar was held in high esteem due to his sincerity, devotion and involvement in a host of co-curricular activities conducted by the college.

Binit Koirala

Graduation - 2013 AD

Binit was another meritorious student of Plus Two science as he was able to complete his two year plus course with flying colours. His ambition to pursue his undergraduate degree in a reputed foreign university was materialized when he was able to win a full scholarship to study B.Sc. in Computer Science at Howard University, USA. Binit deserves our congratulations for this outstanding academic accomplishment.

Bikalpa Baniya

Graduation - 2014 AD

Bikalpa, a graduate of GIHE and a high academic achiever, is remembered due to his inquisitive and curious traits. Having completed his plus two studies from GIHE with high distinction, he was initially involved in different voluntary organizations in Nepal and then destined to win a full scholarship for the pursuance of his batcher’s degree in Science at the University of Ohio, USA. His strong desire to uplift the condition of the down-trodden and under-privileged children of Nepal was sprouted after his visit to an orphanage center in Bhaisepati, Lalitpur.

Ronish Man Shrestha

Graduation - 2015 AD

Ronish’s outstanding academic pursuits was the outcome of his strong motivation and incessant perseverance during the course of his plus two studies, which he completed with high distinction. He is best remembered by all the faculty members and classmates due to his down-to-earth nature, simplicity and rare academic achievements, which enabled him to win a full scholarship to study bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Mississippi, USA. May his expertise garnered from a renowned university of the USA be beneficial to the future exploration of Nepal.